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yoga for sports

Yoga can offer huge benefits for professional athletes, amateur sports people, or anyone who consistently takes part in specific sports or repetitive forms of training. Yoga helps us to maintain, regain, and improve range of motion, ensuring we have the strength and flexibility required to perform the different actions we ask of our body in sports, whilst under strain at the edges of abilities. This mix of strength and range of motion can help to prevent injuries and improve athletic performance. Tailored yoga aimed at specific sports, which is what I can offer, can also compensate for the imbalances in the biomechanics of many sports, bringing more balance to the body.

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In addition to being a 250 Hour Yoga Alliance Accredited Yoga Teacher, I am also part of a small group of teachers in the UK that holds a specialist Yoga Alliance accreditation in 'Yoga for Sports & Athletes'. I completed my training with Sarah Ramsden, yoga teacher for many professional athletes, including Manchester City and Manchester United senior football teams, for over 10 years.

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More and more professional sports people are using yoga to prevent injury, gain an edge in performance, improve mental strength, and extend careers. Equally, an increasing number of amateur sports people are taking their sport seriously, seeking more similar methods to professionals in training, tracking, and recovery. Is it time for you to add yoga to the mix?

Whether you've never tried yoga, tried it and hated it, or have some or plenty of experience, I would be more than happy to work with you. Get in touch.

about me

I first tried yoga in 2012 as an antidote to 20 years of playing football and tennis, both of which I still do today. I was unsurprisingly inflexible and yoga felt very foreign to me, but I stuck with it and was quickly benefiting from not only how it made me feel physically — more mobile, improved body awareness, and full-body strength — but mentally too. I found it to be a place to focus on myself in a quiet, calm, yet hard-working way. Far from the competitiveness of not just sport, but work and life in general.


I found a love for the practise and an aptitude for understanding it's dynamics, leading me to complete my 200 Hour Teacher Training and take up teaching. Considering my own experience and the overwhelming benefits to my mind and body, I'm most interested in helping people discover what yoga can do and be for them, particularly people who, like me, always thought it 'wasn't for them'.

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