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i am that

Derived from Sanskrit, So'hum translates to 'I am that'. It relates to the connection between us all, reminding us of the similarities between all living things — rather than the differences.

i am that

i am that

i am also sam

my style

I teach Vinyasa Yoga, which involves fluid movement between held postures and, in time, your breath synchronising with these actions. Intelligent use of your own body weight provides a fantastic workout, while the rhythmic breathing brings focus and calm.


I am friendly and personable and aim to keep things light, but without compromising on the effort or output. I ensure everyone is looked after, whether brand new to yoga or more advanced. I have experience teaching teenagers and a specialism in 'Yoga for Sport', an accredited qualification held by a small group of teachers in the UK.

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in-person & online


Couples and small groups

Indoors, outdoors, or online

All classes tailored to the needs of the individual or group

£50 for one-to-ones, £60 for groups of 2-3

Discounts for block bookings or online-only classes


all are welcome


I teach 7-year-olds to 70-year-olds, beginners to those with years of experience, the sporty to the spiritual, the active to the darn right lazy. All are welcome.


Whether you're new to yoga and want to build your confidence mastering the basics, or more advanced and want to work on something specific or simply maintain a regular practise, get in touch.

about me

I first tried yoga in 2012 as an antidote to 20 years of playing football and tennis, both of which I still do today. I was unsurprisingly inflexible and yoga felt very foreign to me, but I stuck with it and was quickly benefiting from not only how it made me feel physically — more mobile, improved body awareness, and full-body strength — but mentally too. I found it to be a place to focus on myself in a quiet, calm, yet hard-working way. Far from the competitiveness of not just sport, but work and life in general.


I found a love for the practise and an aptitude for understanding it's dynamics, leading me to complete my 200 Hour Teacher Training and take up teaching. Considering my own experience and the overwhelming benefits to my mind and body, I'm most interested in helping people discover what yoga can do and be for them, particularly people who, like me, always thought it 'wasn't for them'.

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